Day trips in Montana

Montana day trips

A day trip is a great way to get out and sample some of the amazing things that our beautiful state has to offer, without breaking the bank or having to take a lot of time off work. Here are our top three picks for day trips in Montana.

Glacier National Park

One of the most incredible national parks in America, Glacier National Park features incredible scenery, and over 700 miles of trails sprawling across more than one million acres of land. Take a shuttle tour of the park’s biggest attractions, or lace up your hiking boots and get out there and see it in person.

Lolo Hot Springs Resort

This incredible hot springs on private property features a restaurant, a saloon with live entertainment, an art gallery – oh yeah, and hot springs! Take a dip and feel the calm.

Hot air balloon rides

Several outfits offer hot air balloon rides throughout western Montana. Glide silently over the incredible terrain, and see our state from an entirely new perspective. 

Image courtesy Flickr/Loren Kerns