Check out the best parks in Montana

Montana’s best parks

Montana is famous for our wide-open spaces, and there is nowhere better to experience them than one of our amazing parks. Here are our top three picks for the best parks in Montana.

Glacier National Park

One of the largest parks in America, and one of the best. With over a million acres of alpine territory, you can explore Glacier on foot, in a tour bus, go hiking through unspoiled wilderness, or stay at one of the world-class lodges.

Madison Buffalo Jump

This park has a unique history as an ancient hunting ground, where the native people would stampede buffalo over the cliff. Today the park is an interpretive center with knowledgeable park guides and great hiking paths to the spectacular view over the cliff.

Salmon Lake

Part of the Clearwater River chain, this lake is home to all the freshwater sport fish Montana has to offer, from cutthroat trout to northern pike. For those who aren’t anglers, the lake offers hiking trails, boating, swimming, and bird-watching in spades.

Image courtesy Flickr/Isolino Ferreira